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Bill Ryan
   Bill Ryan

"To improve online lead generation we begin with a comprehensive analysis of your needs and of your competition. We help you improve your website for better search engine rankings, an enhanced overall user experience and to make the best use of your website traffic. Finally we increase your web traffic through search engine optimization, social media engagement and a proprietary system of referrals and media buying.”

   Search Engine Optimization

        Today when you're looking for anything from a book to a car, where do you start your product research? If you're like most people, you go to Google. And that's exactly what millions of others do every day. It's how they find the kinds of products or services you sell. 'Search' often 
catches buyers when they're ready to do business, near the end of the buying process.

         If you're not happy with the search results your website is getting, let J Zax conduct a free SEO audit for you. We can help you develop a comprehensive SEO strategy. The initial evaluation and phone consultation are free, and we offer both full service SEO and do-it-yourself options to to help meet your SEO needs.

        Our Basic SEO Package is $795 per month for a minimum of six months. Competitive packages start at $1950 per month, and our Aggressive SEO packages start at $3975.

Keyword Research

        Most of our clients are building products manufacturers. We begin by asking our building products clients to identify the most obvious search terms that a good lead might use to find the kind of building products the client sells. These are not often the keywords we end up targeting because they are usually too generic.

        For example, if a client sells vinyl replacement windows, they may suggest “windows” as a search term to target. There are two problems with that. The first is that in addition to competing with Microsoft’s Windows operating system the client would have to beat the big window manufacturers for the search term to reach a top spot.

        The second problem is that people searching for “windows” are likely to be looking for the Windows operating system, or for new construction windows, or some other kind of window that the client doesn’t offer. With enough time and expense the client may be able to get in the top 3 search results for a generic term like “windows” but, in most cases it wouldn’t be an efficient use of time and effort. That is it would probably cost a lot more in terms of time and effort, than it would be worth.

         If the same client targeted more specific search terms they might be more likely to efficiently reach a top spot in the search results. To get the best leads it’s important to optimize for the right search terms. Often the best potential customers, and the easiest to convert, are the ones that found your website using specific search terms that match the products or services you are selling.

        Also, you are much more likely to reach a top spot if you know exactly how the web pages on page one of the search results achieved their position. That's what our keyword reports deliver.

        Our keyword research looks at many of the most important SEO factors and report on each of the top 10 search results, comparing the factors on those sites to your web page, so you can see what you would need to do to gain a top spot for a particular search term. We can help you find the keywords that have sufficient search volume and that you are likely to be able to efficiently achieve the desired results with. The cost of our keyword research is included with our ongoing SEO and SEM packages.

        Keyword research can be purchased without using our SEO services. Each keyword research report is for a specific search term. Prices range from $125 each for 1 to 3 search terms, to $75 each for 10 or more search terms. Reports are posted online (password protected) for your review.

LIMITED TIME OFFER:    Building products manufacturers can
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Offer is limited to one (1) report at no charge per building products website. Offer may be withdrawn without notice.

    Whether you're a Fortune 500 company or a small building products manufacturer on a very tight budget, J Zax can help.  Call us at 334-484-9000.

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