• SEO for Building Products

    Trade shows may be great for building relationships, but can you expect architects, builders and contractors to wait for the next trade show to find the building products they need now? When they need what you sell, they're likely to use a search engine like Google. Getting the top spot in Google's search results is a great way to generate more leads and build sales. We know how to get you there! Contact us for some free SEO research (Building Products Only).

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Building Products SEO & Lead Generation Consultants

If you want personalized attention and outstanding results from people who know the building products industry, you're in the right place. Since our start in 2008, and even before that, we have worked with the construction industry. Other than some contractors, builders and architect firms, we work exclusively with building products manufacturers. By specializing we've learned how to generate the best leads for building products.

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Competitive SEO Research

It takes extensive research to determine which keywords to target with SEO. Our competitive research helps you determine what it will take to move your website up past the other sites between your site and the top of page one in the Google search results.
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Custom SEO & SEM Services

When search engine optimization is done right, the highly targeted leads that come from search are among the best available. If you want more leads from the search engines we can help by tailoring an SEO program to your needs and goals. We offer three levels of SEO/SEM.
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Branding for Building Products

People limit how much they’re willing to learn about the brands in any category. Strong branding can make lead generation much more efficient and more effective. Let us help you create powerful branding to make your brand memorable with a strong, unique appeal.
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Web Development Services

A new website starts with design, and design starts with a basic overall layout and functionality. Browse some of these designs. There are many more if you don't see one you like here. We can customize any of these. For an additional cost, totally custom designs are also available.
Web Development Services

Our Services

We also offer three levels of SEO & SEM packages. Your package will be customized to match your specific needs. The prices below are a only intended to be a guideline and are likely to vary, based on the your current needs and organic search goals. Other services are also available, including pay-per-lead campaigns, comarketing programs and on site consulting services. Please call us at if you have questions. Thanks. For paid search marketing we normally charge a management fee of $300 per month, plus 15% of the SEM budget. SEM is optional with these packages but, when we handle SEM along with any of the SEO packages below, the SEM management fee is eliminated. We also reduce the 15% SEM budget for advanced packages.

Pricing Guidelines

SEO Research & Coaching: $750 per month
Our competitive research often uncovers SEO vulnerabilities in others websites. This allows us to help our clients move up in the search results past their competition. We help you determine what keywords your website has the most potential to top the organic search results for, and coach you on how to make that happen. This package relies on the client to generate social signals and build backlinks.
Competitive SEO Price: $1575 per month
This is a full service SEO package that targets very competitive keywords for organic search engine optimization.

SEM (pay-per-click search) is completely optional but, since we would already be dong the keyword research, we eliminate the usual $300/mo SEM management fee and reduce the media buying fee from 15% to just 10% of the SEM budget.
This full service SEO package includes the most competitive keywords for organic search in your category.

SEM (pay-per-click search) is completely optional but, since we would already be dong the keyword research, we eliminate the usual $300/mo SEM management fee and reduce the media buying fee from 15% to just 5% of SEM budget.