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Brand Identity

The brand identity consists of the brand’s name, age, gender and orientation.

The age reflects characteristics of the brand. It’s not a measurement of how long the brand has been around. It’s more about the impression the brand creates for itself. An older image usually indicates wisdom, where a young brand is often considered edgy. A middle-aged brand is viewed as strong and stable.

Gender is not necessarily the gender of the target market. It’s a gender of the brand. Think about the male gender of GEICO. Its gender is expressed in the male Gecko and Caveman. Home Depot is a male brand, while Lowe’s is the female version. Brands can be male, female or genderless.

Orientation describes whether the brand will be focused more on service or the products qualities. Mercedes is a product oriented brand, although they provide excellent service. The Mercedes brand is about engineering. Lexus on the other hand is about service, although they make a great product. Lexus’ dealers host events to demonstrate product quality, but they are often catered, and become more like social events than product demonstrations.

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