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Brand Personality

In order to become more memorable, brands should have strong personalities that reflect a style or level of sophistication and an attitude that is distinctive, powerful and consistent with the core values of the brand. Like other elements of a brand profile, the personality is never directly stated, but rather implied in everything the brand does.

Consider the memorable personalities of Harley-Davidson or Jack Daniels. To remain true to the brand, and consistent with the brand image, it helps to define the personality with an archetype or metaphor that makes the brand easy for everyone in brand development to understand.

Common archetypes include, Hero, Jester, Renegade, Innocent, Lover, or Magician.

Metaphors are for internal use and can be as simple as “The BMW of power tools”, implying well engineered and fast, with exceptional handling (playing on the well-known tagline, “The ultimate driving machine”) power tools.


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