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Building Products SEO – Search Engine Optimization


(Natural Search – Not Paid Search)

Only about 2 out of every 10 clicks from search are on the paid results. That means that 8 of 10 are on the natural (organic) search results, so there’s real opportunity in SEO (search engine optimization).

A wise building products marketer can let competitors stimulate demand and then capture a large share of that business with good search engine optimization (SEO). Because of this SEO has become the most efficient way to harvest demand that’s already in play.

Building products SEO takes research and skill. Building authority and Page Rank takes time. SEO is like running up a down escalator. It takes a lot of effort. If competitors already have the jump on you it may be very difficult to catch up. But the right competitive research produces page-specific changes that can yield outstanding results quickly. We use highly specialized tools and techniques to determine exactly how capture top search engine positions for a variety of search terms.

Getting to the Top of Page One
The vast majority of clicks from search are on page one, so the real challenge is to capture any part of that limited space you can. Using long tail keywords (search phrases with 4 or more words) and a using a solid industry-based inbound linking strategy is often needed.

Longer phrases are easier to optimize for and, as it turns out, they’re often better search terms because they’re more likely to be used by serious buyers. For most sites we’ve studied the majority of conversions are coming from long tail search phrases. Nearly 3 out of 4 clicks from search now come from searches of terms containing 3 or more words.

Here’s why. If you need replacement windows for your home and you search for “windows” the majority of search results may be for the Microsoft Windows operating system. In this case you might refine your search to “replacement windows”. Then, looking at those results, you may realize that you really wanted “vinyl replacement windows”. When you get ready to buy your search phrase may get even longer, as you search for “prices for vinyl replacement windows”.

Why Long-Tail Search Terms?
Individually each of these long tail terms may have a lower search count, but collectively, there are a lot more searches in total for all variations of long tail search terms and, the fact is, long-tail search terms generally convert better.

To help you take advantage of this, we know how to optimize for long-tail search, as well as the very best short tail search terms with the most search volume.

SEO Research & SEO Coaching Services
We offer a variety of SEO services. In our Research & Coaching Package we handle keyword research, competitive research and a help our clients maintain excellent on-page optimization, including meta tag optimization, text optimization, anchor text implementation, sitemap.xml installation and more. This package is implemented over a period of 6 months. Adjustments are made to take advantage of ranking changes. Packages start at $750 per month, with a 6-month minimum.

Full-Service SEO Services
Our Aggressive and Competitive SEO Packages include all research, on-page optimization, plus off-page optimization and authority building. We go beyond the usual news and article marketing, directory submissions, and social bookmarking. We get serious results. We also monitor search engine results and make the changes to the campaign in reaction to the ranking fluctuations. This service also includes discounts on our SEM (search engine marketing) services.

All price quotes are specific to the needs of the client, but our Competitive SEO Packages average $1575 per month, and our Aggressive SEO Package are priced around $3795 per month. Prices vary depending on the number of target pages as well as the number and competitiveness of the primary keywords. We optimize for long-tail search terms at no extra charge with SEO contracts of 6 months or longer. Contact Us for a quote.

Our clients get top listings in the organic Google search results, for the best possible, and most competitive, search terms. We don’t use tricks. Our work is the result of a consistent, ongoing effort and good solid research. Contact us or call 334-484-9000.