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Social Media

There’s a difference between using social media and social media marketing (SMM). If you have a nicely designed Facebook or Twitter page, that’s great. If you connect on LinkedIn, even better. But managing the interactions and relationships on social media is NOT something that should be outsourced. It’s something that a well-trained in-house customer service representative, salesperson or marketing specialist should handle.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) on the other hand referrs to advertising on social media sites. This is something we can help you with. Our approach is to refine the target for an ad and if, for example, it’s aimed at architects, we strive to make sure that only architects see it. This keeps the cost down and can make the budget really work for you.

Lead generation from your SMM ad budget should be much higher with better targeting. Also, a more compelling ad and a better landing page, with information that is valuable to the target market, is what makes the campaign most effective.

We don’t just rely on the set demographics with most social media marketing. We have better ways to target specific groups and then tweek the ads to match the members of that group. Ask us about enhancing your lead generation with SMM.