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Lead Capture

Once the visitor arrives at your website or landing page it’s important to quickly grab their attention. The image is usually the best way to do this. The image should be relevant. If a video is used in place of the image, a relevant, attention-getting image can be used as the first screen, so the image grabs the visitor’s attention. This attention isn’t likely to last long. Next the eyes usually go to the headline. The goal is to quickly convert that attention into interest.

A great user experience and content that impresses the visitor can help encourage the visitor to consider the offer. An irresistible offer can then be use to get the visitor to connect with you. The connection provides a way to follow up and nurture a lead that’s less than hot. Hot leads should obviously be followed up on quickly. A good rule of thumb is that the first one to contact a hot lead usually gets the business. A call, or personalized reply within minutes of a request send the message that you provide good service.

For leads that are less than hot, perhaps someone just doing some initial research for a project, they may not be ready for a call, but they may have a question that thety would like a quick answer to. This is a good reason to offer live chat. An irresistible offer can get the visitor to fill out a contact form with an opt-in. That’s referred to as a capture. From the capture you may determine that a phone call is in order, or they may just want an email reply with the information. Either way, this is the TOP of the funnel.

Whether it’s a call, chat, or capture the lead’s contact information can be entered, and that becomes the same as a capture from a visitor who completes the contact form. Any way it happens the lead is in the funnel.

Colder leads need more lead nurturing. This is usually done with email, but every lead is unique and should be evaluated and scored by someone who’s skilled and knowledgeable.

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