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Lead Nurturing

For those leads that enter the sales funnel by providing their contact information via call, chat or capture with a Web form, fast follow up is critically important. Evaluating the lead quickly and resolving any question is perhaps the most important step.


Beyond the initial response and resolving questions or problems, most leads require nurturing. A visitor that arrives at your website or landing page in the early stages of the buying process, perhaps just doing some initial research, may find what they need, but it still helps to build your brand’s image and keep your brand in front of them, in an unobtrusive way, until they complete the buying process.

Lead nurturing is most often accomplished with a series of pre-planned emails. Different age groups relate better to different types of online media. For example, a younger demographic may prefer to receive marketing messages on social media channels or on their mobile devices, while older people may respond better to email.


Visitors that arrive at your site will not all be good leads, but there are certain actions that can be determined to identify a good lead, even if they don’t call, chat or fill out a contact form. Perhaps downloading a buyers guide, or visiting the specifications page. This will vary with category, product and manufacturer, but if there is a qualifying action other than call, chat or capture, you may want to “cookie” the visitor. This is a tiny bit of code that is dropped on the visitors computer and allows you to advertise to them as they visit other websites. There are some important disclosure guidelines for call, chat, capture and cookie that should be followed.

Cookies allow you to use banner ads (with consistent branding) to target those that visited your website and build your brand’s image quickly, even if they don’t click through.

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