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Keyword Research

It takes extensive research to determine which popular keywords and phrases would be best for a brand to target with SEO, and it requires competitive research to determine what it will take to move your website past the others, to get to the top of page one in the Google search results.

It’s all about getting to the top of page one. Being on page 2 doesn’t mean anything. About 60% of the search traffic from any keyword is likely to click on one of the top 3 natural search results on page one.

The #1 result on page two (#11) gets about 1%, and #15 gets about half of that. In fact, if they don’t find what they want on page one, people are three times more likely to change their search term than they are to go to page two.

Sometimes we find that it would take months of work to get to the top of page one for certain search terms. For other terms with great search volume this can often be accomplished quickly and easily. It’s usually wise to move up quickly where you can, while continuing to work on the big volume terms.

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